Eight Philosophers of the Italian Renaissance

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Italian Renaissance thought has been gaining ever-increasing recognition as seminal to the thought of the whole Renaissance period, affecting in many subtle ways the development and understanding of artistic, literary, scientific, and religious movements. The importance, then, of this detailed and careful survey of Italy's leading Renaissance philosophers and the intricate philosophical problems of the time can scarcely be exaggerated.

Based upon the 1961 Arensberg Lectures, given at Stanford University, this collection of essays offers a genuinely unified interpretation of Italian Renaissance thought by describing and evaluating the philosophies of eight pivotal figures: Petrarch, Valla, Ficino, Pico, Pomponazzi, Telesio, Patrizi, and Bruno. The essays not only discuss the life, writings, and main ideas of these eight thinkers, but also establish through a connective text, the place each of them occupies in the general intellectual development of the Italian Renaissance.

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Title:Eight Philosophers of the Italian Renaissance
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    Eight Philosophers of the Italian Renaissance Reviews

  • Christopher Plaisance

    In this survey of Renaissance philosophy, Kristeller presents biographies and descriptions of the systems of thought of Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374), Lorenzo Valla (1407-1457), Marsilio Ficino (1433...

  • N Perrin

    The Renaissance period tends to occupy an ellipsis in narratives of the history of philosophy. You finish your medieval philosophy with figures like Ockham, and then you begin your early modern philos...

  • Samuel

    Kniha je napísaná veľmi prístupnou (prednáškovou) formou, takže o každom z ôsmych filozofov sa čitateľ dozvie to podstatné (podstatné pre autora, samozrejme) a je tam aj nutný základ (f...

  • Pablo Soto Mota

    Esta es una serie de conferencias en las que el autor repasa la vida y pensamiento de ocho filósofos renacentistas. Sobresalen los capítulos dedicados a Ficcino, Pico y Bruno. Además reflexiona sob...

  • Quiet

    Interesting, accessible overview of 8 philosophers from the Italian Renasissance.It's rather dry, intentionally so. Kristeller keeps each section mostly limited to overview of a few essential ideas br...

  • Bekka

    Helped me gain more insight into Renaissance thinking, particularly around the neoplatonic idea of immortality of the soul (Ficino)....