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Quasar takes on Maelstrom in the fight of his life! As Protector of the Universe, Wendell Vaughn takes his job seriously, but he's only human -and his cosmic mentor Eon has long warned of a looming threat that will destroy all that is. Can Quasar possibly prepare himself for the mind-bending battle to come? Meanwhile, Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva want Quasar's quantum bands, and they're not the only ones. And when the extradimensional Squadron Supreme fi nds themselves stranded on Earth, Quasar must aid them in a galactic conflict between the Stranger and the Overmind! Plus, Wendell's new employee is hiding a dangerous secret! When Maelstrom strikes, Quasar is thrown into a perilous journey beyond life and death - from Infinity to Oblivion and more. Can he emerge a new man and stop a cosmos in collision? COLLECTING: QUASAR 10-25

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Title:Quasar: Cosmos In Collision
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    Quasar: Cosmos In Collision Reviews

  • Dan Schwent

    Can Quasar prevent a cosmic assassin from killing his mentor, Eon?There was a time Quasar was my favorite comic. The storyline at the end of this volume kicks off that period of my comics fandom so I ...

  • Dave

    Gruenwald wrote a decent and compelling series in Quasar using a large cast of characters that you actually care about. Kudos to having his hero come from Wisconsin as well since Gruenwald was from W...

  • Shawn Cooke

    The second volume of classic Quasar, and the era with some of the strongest stories, in my opinion. The character arc comes through clearly, as our hero tries to deal with the weight of responsibility...

  • Brian Poole

    Quasar: Cosmos in Collision collects an underappreciated gem from Marvel’s early ‘90s slate.Quasar, a/k/a Wendell Vaughan, carries out his duties as Protector of the Universe, on alert for the ali...