Our World Is Relative

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A fun and engaging picture book from author Julia Sooy illustrator Molly Walsh explaining Einstein's theory of relativity.

Size, speed, weight, direction, distance
We think of space and time as fixed and measurable.

But these measurements—our experience of space and time—they are relative.

Our world is relative.

With simple, engaging text and vibrant art imbued with light and movement, Our World Is Relative offers a child's-eye view of time, space, and the vast role that relativity plays in comprehending our world. It's an introduction to Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, perfect for any curious young scientist.

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  • Rebecca

    A picture book about Einstein's theory of relativity?! Yes! Bonus points for explaining relativity in such a simple way. Kids may have lots of follow-up questions, especially about space. Digital illu...

  • Shiloah

    A child’s primer on the theory of relativity. Well done!...

  • Carrie Gelson


  • Dianna

    I felt that this book didn't do a great job of explaining the theory of relativity—or even just the simple concept that measurements are relative. My son loves picture books about science, but he di...

  • Sharon Lawler

    Short and simple introduction to Einstein's theory of relativity...

  • Barbara

    Digital illustrations complement a brief and accessible explanation of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. The picture book starts off with an image of a girl measuring and inchworm, and while she...

  • Kylie2018

    I really wanted to rate this book higher because I love the concept but it didn't deliver the concept in a 'better' way than any general open discussion would have. It also introduces some lofty scien...

  • Joanna

    Wow! What a neat idea for a children’s book! The world is indeed relative with size, direction, speed, etc. not really fixed even when it seems so because fast is only fast in relation to slower thi...

  • Andrew

    An adorable picture book that very easily explains and simplifies Einstein's Theory of Relativity, showing how what might seem big or small, long or short, heavy or big, etc. is all about the perspect...

  • Sandy Brehl

    A clever approach to one of the most challenging science concepts around. This has value for young learners, but could also be used as the introduction in more advanced science and math classes. The c...