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A Contemporary Reimagining of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens for Middle Graders

Life is full of great expectations for Korean American Pippa Park. It seems like everyone, from her family to the other kids at school, has a plan for how her life should look. So when Pippa gets a mysterious basketball scholarship to Lakeview Private, she jumps at the chance to reinvent herself by following the “Rules of Cool.”

At Lakeview, Pippa juggles old and new friends, an unrequited crush, and the pressure to perform academically and athletically while keeping her past and her family’s laundromat a secret from her elite new classmates. But when Pippa begins to receive a string of hateful, anonymous messages via social media, her carefully built persona is threatened.

As things begin to spiral out of control, Pippa discovers the real reason she was admitted to Lakeview and wonders if she can keep her old and new lives separate, or if she should even try.

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Title:Pippa Park Raises Her Game
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    Pippa Park Raises Her Game Reviews

  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)

    When Pippa Park gets a basketball scholarship to a fancy private school, she feels pressured to pretend like she's rich and cool so that she can fit in with her elite classmates. But how long can she ...

  • Jackie

    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway. It’s an interesting book that looks at what it means to follow your dream when everyone else wants you to live by their dreams...

  • Rosemary

    Korean-American seventh grader Pippa Park's is a juggler: living with her older sister and brother-in-law, rather than her Mom, in Korea, she juggles the weight of their expectations; she juggles her ...

  • Karen Arendt

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Pippa is a likable character, as is her friend Buddy. Her struggles to fit in at a new school are authentic as are the situations she experiences. I liked that some of...

  • Jeff S

    Pippa Park Raises Her Game is a very good and entertaining debut novel by author Erin Yun. My wife couldn't put the book down when she began reading it one day last week, and read the entire 262 invit...

  • Tara Weiss

    A play on Great Expectations with some fast-paced moves of its own, Pippa Park Raises her Game is the story of a seventh grade girl from a local public school who receives a mysterious scholarship to ...

  • Darla

    Pippa Park is a plucky heroine and I love having a new middle grade novel with basketball and Korean culture for readers. Pippa is awarded a scholarship to an elite school with the condition that she ...

  • Sherri Silvera

    This book was such an enjoyable read and Pippa Park was such a great protagonist. The novel hit all the marks aimed at the target market in a very modern way. The author brought together an immigrant ...

  • Felicia

    Super cute middle grade retelling of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. ...

  • Lori

    Disclaimer: I got an e-ARC from Edelweiss. This does not affect my review....