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, 2019

A Southern Belle looking for peace after the war - An outlaw turned rancher, determined to start over - Can two people from opposite worlds find happiness together in Angel Creek this Christmas?

Viola Destine followed her friends to Angel Creek, Montana, only to be robbed on the stage. When a hero comes along and saves her, she has no plans to allow the outlaws to get away with stealing her possessions.

When the stage is late, Simon Clayton needs to find out why. What he finds is a dead stage driver and a Southern Belle, but the box he is expecting is gone. Determined to get his property back, he never expects the belle to follow him into danger. Or, to fall in love with someone like Viola.

In the end, can Simon hand her over to the man she came to Angel Creek to marry on Christmas Eve? Will Viola proceed after sharing a kiss with him? Or, will it take a Christmas miracle to change the course of their paths?

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    Viola Reviews

  • Sandra Aaron

    This is an OK Western romance, with mostly likable characters. It is a sweet romance, and does not contain sex scenes. There were a few editing problems, and I thought the story was a bit too unrealis...


    Another awesome story by Cyndi Raye. I always enjoy her books, she just has a flair for writing.Viola has lost her entire family during the civil war. She is all alone in her home. Her friends are all...

  • Rosa Cline

    Spunky main character 4 1/2 starThe main young lady was spunky and knew what she wanted in life and wasn’t gonna stand a side and let people treat her as if she was a delicate southern belle Even th...

  • gary c lehn

    Great series......I'm enjoying this story about the adventures of a woman in the city of Charleston, right after the Civil War. About two years had passed, and there was not much left of the beauty of...

  • Carol Jarrett

    Viola and Simon’s StoryI have enjoyed reading the Angel Creek Christmas Brides Books. It’s really a great series. Cyndi Raye is one of my favorite authors and i know I will always get a good story...

  • Leslie

    I loved Viola and Simon's story! I loved how they each had their own reason to go after the bandits. It was a wonderful and entertaining book and I always and am never disappointed to stories by Cyndi...

  • Donna

    Great book I loved this book, author and series. I highly recommend this book, author and series. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series......

  • Melissa Mitchell

    PleasantThis was a warm pleasant read. It continues the great series that will keep you tuned in. Viola was a strong character...

  • Anita Rohn

    ViolaA southern belle full of fire and able to fend for herself because the war had changed her life. Friends in Angel Creek and a new vision of hope. ...

  • Becky Bowen

    GoodGreat read, love this series. Fell in love with the woman hero in this feisty women to don't now down...