Something is Killing the Children #5

Something is Killing the Children #5 Book Details

The time for investigation is over. The hunt begins, as Erica Slaughter brings her namesake to the monsters of Archer’s Peak.

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Title:Something is Killing the Children #5
Edition Language:English
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    Something is Killing the Children #5 Reviews

  • Shannon

    This is easily the best series I'm currently reading....

  • Etienne

    Good but I would have like a little more evolution in the main plot....

  • Kevin Schnurr

    This series is so good, cant believe I slept on it since it began this past fall....

  • Oneirosophos


  • Giselle

    Dónde pago para que el próximo salga más rápido? Necesito la continuación!!!Este cómic lo voy a usar para completar el reto del mes en el Challenge de la copa de las casas: protagonista femenina...

  • Liz (Quirky Cat)

    "The chilling and disturbing tale of monsters continues in Something Is Killing the Children #5. Erica Slaughter is good at her job. Her job is hunting and killing monsters. But even an expert such as...

  • isabela 🏴???

    Muito bom! O final teve uma vibe meio Godzilla (2014), mas gostei demais. E, pelo visto, Erica vai se juntar ao Tommy pra lutar com os monstros. Também deu pra ver o motivo dos olhos dela serem tão ...

  • James

    We get to see Erica Slaughter woop some monster butt in this issue. Awesome!! Also Tommy cant see the monster ( explained why in earlier issue) so Erica pokes him with something so he can. The glimpse...

  • Jordan

    Without question there hasnt been a book this year that Ive torn through more voraciously than Tynions horror masterpiece. My only point of regret is that now I have to wait months on end for it to co...

  • Marina

    WoW. El mejor de calle en todos los aspectos....