Talking with God: Divine Conversations That Transform Daily Life

Talking with God: Divine Conversations That Transform Daily Life Book Details

Even when we believe in the value of prayer, many of us do not make it a priority or long for a more meaningful prayer life. In this book, Brother Millet explores the dimensions of prayer in an engaging, personal way.
- A valuable guide to making our prayers more effective and inspiring.
- Shows how consistent, sincere prayer can transform us into better men and women.
- Covers a wide variety of topics, including: preparation for prayer, fasting and prayer, prayers of gratitude, receiving help from the other side, and what to do when no clear answer comes.
- Inspires renewed gratitude for the privilege of prayer and a deeper appreciation of the blessings it brings.

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Title:Talking with God: Divine Conversations That Transform Daily Life
Edition Language:English
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    Talking with God: Divine Conversations That Transform Daily Life Reviews

  • Naomi

    Enjoyed the reminder to be a prayer warrior. Read this book slowly to take it all in....

  • Rebecca

    I was hesitant to pick up this book because I didn't think I had much to learn about prayer. I figured prayer was basic and the only thing I needed to improve was to pray more often and not so distrac...

  • Beth

    I found this book on prayer to be really helpful for me. The points were not belabored -- Brother Millet even notes in the conclusion that he originally anticipated this book to be much longer -- but ...

  • Jaclyn

    Confession: I do not finish nine out of ten books that are written on the topic of religion and spirituality. It's not that the topics don't appeal to me, but that the books are dry or unengaging. Mor...

  • Jo

    I like the way Robert Millet thinks... Enjoyed this book, but not as much as some of his others. A couple of memorable quotes, "We pray, not to change God's mind but rather to learn the will of God an...

  • Tamra

    I found this book inspiring in a lot of ways and it certainly gave me some food for thought but it wasn't the kind of book about prayer that I was hoping for. A quick read with some uplifting insights...

  • Jeff

    Brief, insightful look at prayer. Increased my desire to commune with God in meaningful prayer....

  • Gina

    When No Clear Answer Comesexcerpt chapter 7; The Spirit of the Lord is not something that may be programmed, plotted out, manufactured, or elicited; the influence of the Holy Ghost certainly cannot be...

  • Greg

    I have enjoyed and learned from and been uplifted by every book I have read that was written by Bro. Millet. He seems to speak directly to my heart, and I often find myself recommending this book of h...

  • Erin

    I really like reading Robert Millet's books, this one not on the top of my favorite list. Very basic information. Each Chapter has one main idea with a description of what this idea would entail. For ...