You. Forever. Always.

You. Forever. Always. Review

---Years of loving in secret. Now the secret’s out.---

Reasonable. Mature. In love with his best friend’s little brother.
Dawn. Painfully shy. Crazy talented. An anxious cinnamon roll in need of protection.

Mage has always been Dawn’s hero. He’s been there for him when Dawn was bullied, when Dawn came out, and when he joined The Underdogs. He’s also been Dawn’s first and only love—painfully unrequited, since Mage is straight. But that’s only for the better, because they’re bandmates, and Dawn’s brother is Mage’s best friend.

It would all be too intense, too complicated, too real.

But then one drunken kiss proves Mage might not be as straight as he seemed, and their whole world turns upside down. Even though Dawn craves Mage’s love so much his heart could burst, his shyness stands in the way of any future they could share.

While they have to keep their budding relationship under wraps and they prepare to sign a major record deal, Dawn’s anxiety gets out of control. Mage will have to choose between the success he’s always craved and the love of his life.

rock band, bandmates romance, older brother’s best friend, coming out, bisexuality, first love, anxiety, compromise, music, secret love
Genre: Contemporary M/M Rocker Romance
Heat level: sweet, explicit scenes

Length: ~50,000 words (Can be read as standalone, HEA)

Title:You. Forever. Always.
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Judith

    4.5 “I’ve been incomplete without you. You’re the only one I ever needed, and the only one I will ever need. No one else would do.” it's always quite sad reading the final book in a series,s...

  • K.A. Merikan

    Mage and Dawn's book. Coming in 2018.For years now, Dawn has been in love with his big brother's best friend. Painfully shy, too afraid to even try to reach out to Mage, he knows his love is doomed. E...

  • ~?~D?ni(ela) ? ?? love & semi-colons~?~

    ~4.5~Did the Merikans really write this sweet, sweet story? There's little angst here save for Dawn's untreated anxiety. Dawn may be too fragile for real life, but his love for Mage is true and strong...

  • Barbara?

    So stinking sweet my teeth hurt. Not necessarily a bad thing, but be prepared. If you go into this expecting drama and angst you won't find it. I've only read one other book by these authors and this ...

  • Meags

    4.5 StarsFirstly, this cover art is my new everything! *heart eyes*Secondly, this was one of the sweetest, most romantic friends-to-lovers stories I’ve ever read. *swoon*Having read books two and th...

  • Virginia Books

    From Dusk... Doing a series from Dusk till Dawn is a genius thing to do. Really. Meaningful and fantastic, and I love the whole idea. (is it in my mind? I don’t think so, this has been written by K...

  • Dia

    4 starsThis is the third book in the Underdogs series. From the start I must admit I haven't read the previous two books. I know, I know! I missed all the fun. I am going to read them soon!! I honestl...

  • Cadiva

    Well that was radically different than book two in this series!Dawn and Mage's romance is beautifully slow burn and tender and takes its time to develop mostly because of Dawn's overwhelming anxieties...

  • Alienor ? French Frowner ?

    "His ID could state twenty-one all it wanted, but his lovely face didn't look a day over eighteen." ... annnnnnnd that's just gross and I'm out of there. You. Forever. Always. sparked my interest bec...

  • Chris

    4.5 stars for this sweet addition to the series. Mage & Dawn finally found their courage and joy. This was heartwarming and made me smile - Mages protectiveness of Dawn really was beautiful and Dawns ...