Hungry Ghosts #4

Hungry Ghosts #4 Review

The last candles are lit and the final, most forbidden tales told in this shocking finale!

In the frozen Nigata Prefecture, a country cook learns discretion the hard way after an encounter with the cryptic, but irresistible Snow Woman, and Hungry Ghosts seal the insatiable fate of famine-stricken villagers in the most voracious, unthinkable way possible when a stranger comes to town

* For mature readers.

Title:Hungry Ghosts #4

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Brandon St Mark

    This issue wasn't as good as I remember the others being, but it was still pretty good! I think if you go into this miniseries expecting horror, then you'll be let down. And it is billed as being shor...

  • Angus McKeogh

    These successive four issues just continued to get worse. This format just does not work for this concept. These “horrifying” tales are just too short to elicit fear. And worse yet the three prior...

  • ??????? ?????????

    Τυπική η πρώτη ιστορία, ωραίο σχέδιο. Η τελευταία φρικτά αδύναμη, παλαιομοδίτικα διδακτική και χωρίς πάθος....

  • Matt

    Wow, what an awful ending!...

  • Catalina

    Reminded me of old folklore stories i heard from my childhood. ...

  • Vraiter

    Serinin en az mide bulandırıcı kitabıydı. Kar Kadın hikayesini beğendim. Serinin sonu da beklenen bir sondu. Genel olarak farklı ve eğlenceli sayılabilecek bir havası vardı....