Neanderthal Seeks EXTRA (yarns)

Neanderthal Seeks EXTRA (yarns) Review

A comprehensive collection of all short stories, deleted scenes, and special features from the Knitting in the City series.

**Janie and Quinn**
-Deleted (love) Scene from ‘Neanderthal Seeks Human’ (new)
-Interview with Janie and Quinn (shared on a blog 2014)
-Short entitled, ‘Neanderthal Seeks Honeymoon’ (shared in ‘Scenes from the City,’ free or $.99 limited release 2015)
-Short entitled, ‘Neanderthal Seeks Baby, part 1’ (shared in newsletter, 2016)
-Short entitled, ‘Neanderthal Seeks Baby, part 2’ (shared in newsletter, 2017)

**Elizabeth and Nico**
-Deleted Scene from ‘Friends Without Benefits,’ Original Opening (new)
-Deleted Scene from ‘Friends Without Benefits,’ Not so nice Nico (new)
-Deleted Scene from ‘Friends Without Benefits,’ Hunting an Elk (new)
-Deleted Scene from ‘Friends Without Benefits,’ Original Confrontation (new)
-Short entitled, ‘Most-Definitely-With Benefits’ (shared in ‘Scenes from the City,’ free or $.99 limited release 2015)

**Sandra and Alex**
-Short entitled, ‘Hacking the Hacker’ (shared in ‘Scenes from the City,’ free or $.99 limited release 2015)
-Short entitled, ‘The Junior Hackers Society’ (new)

**Ashley and Drew**
-Deleted Scene from ‘Beauty and the Mustache’ Furry Purse (shared on a blog 2014)
-Deleted Scene from ‘Beauty and the Mustache’ Eavesdropping (shared on a blog 2014)
-Short entitled, ‘A Winston Christmas’ (shared in newsletter 2015)
-Short entitled, ‘Beauty and the Beard’ (shared in ‘Scenes from the City,’ free or $.99 limited release 2015)

**Fiona and Greg**
-Deleted Scene from ‘Ninja at First Sight’ Greg’s Point of View (new)
-Extra feature, Greg’s Valentine’s letter to Fiona (shared on a blog 2016)

**Marie and Matt**
-Short entitled, ‘Dirty Talk is for Parties’ (shared on a blog 2017)

**Kat and Dan**
-Extra feature, Dan’s Creative Curse Words (new)
-Novella entitled, ‘Scenes from the Hallway’ (shared 2018, free limited release)
-Extra feature, Dan’s Valentines Letter to Kat (shared on a blog 2018)
-Deleted Scene from ‘Marriage of Inconvenience’ Crying Material (shared on a blog 2018)
-Deleted Scene from ‘Marriage of Inconvenience’ Astronaut Specialist (new)

NOTE/DISCLAIMER ABOUT THIS BOOK: This book will definitely contain content that you've either had a chance to acquire for free ('Scenes from the Hallway' and 'Scenes from the City' were both free), or 99cents (Scenes from the City was 99cents for 12 months to benefit charity), available in past editions of my newsletter, or available on blogs/around the internets. We've also included a few extra, never before seen deleted scenes and new shorts just for this volume.

If you opt to purchase this book, you will be buying something for $5.99 you could have purchased for $.99 to benefit charity (or read for free) over the past few years + 20% new content.

Title:Neanderthal Seeks EXTRA (yarns)
Edition Language:English

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  • Penny Reid

    Neanderthal Seeks Extra Yarns is LIVE!ALL PURCHASE LINKS Just as a reminder this is a comprehensive collection of short stories, deleted scenes, and bonus features! This collection will include all th...

  • Kat

    Yay!!! More Penny Reid!!! And all these extra deleted scenes from the Knitting couples I love and don’t have to say goodbye to JUST yet. Most of these are Janie/Quinn and Dan/Kathleen, deleted scene...

  • Antonella Knitting in the City series....Extra words....Oh my.....For all the fans of the great Penny Reid and this amazing series.....extra toppings...yeeeeesI always love to read about my fav char...

  • Eden

    I'm so sad this series is done. I love this group of women and men so much and hope they pop up in future novels somehow. Maybe their children? One can hope......

  • Lady Heather

    My favorite parts of this ensemble of deleted scenes was Alex & Sandra and Dan & Kat's deleted epilogue role-playing scene.The Best! <3...

  • Kelly

    Loved!! I really love reading all of these extra scenes from all of my favourite characters. Yes - I had already read the majority of them, but this was totally worth it just for the new content. I re...

  • Katerina

    I loved pretty much 3/4 of the random deleted scenes with all the couples.EXCEPT THIS ONE AND GOD DAMN WHY DID IT GRACE MY EYES. “Dan!”At the sound of his name, Dan blinked, frowning like he was c...

  • Julie (Jewls Book Blog)

    **NOTE** If you’re late to the Knitting series like I was and missed a lot of these as freebies, I felt the price was worthwhile. If you were able to collect these through Penny’s newsletters and ...

  • Claypot_Reads -  Michelle

    LOVED everything about this. All the extra little bits from stories I already adore made me so very smiley. This was a great addition to a series I will forever cherish. Who would say no to more words...

  • Izzie d

    This is a must read for Penny Reid fans.I would recommend you read the original books first, this book contains extra scenes that were either deleted or not included in the original released copies, e...