Of the Heart

Of the Heart Review

One Moment.
One Heart.
One Last Chance.

Brielle is a good girl. She has played by the rules for most of her life, doing only what she is told. Listened to her overbearing mother. Obeyed her stepfather. Let her boyfriend point out her flaws and strived to be the perfect girl. But always fell short.

Her nana was her sanctuary, but she also insisted Brielle live by her calculations for love, believing they would keep her heart safe. And Brielle did.

Until now.

Now her heart is beating as if for the first time, and yearning for more than 'good enough'. In the space of one moment, her nana's calculations disappear, and the one man she shouldn't have, becomes a dangerous desire . . .one that leads her into temptation.

A temptation that could ultimately prove too much for a single heart to contain.

Title:Of the Heart
Edition Language:English

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  • Anne

    I rarely give a synopsis of the plot since it's usually listed under the book title, so why repeat? In this case, it's so vague, I'll add some details. Ninety Eight covers two years in the life of Bri...

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    This was a really interesting concept for a story, I've read quite a few 'triangle' books where the female was married but never where the male was. Its honestly not so much of a triangle,its about tw...

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  • books4me

    Oh. My. God. This was one of the best love stories I've ever read. I never cry when I read books but this one did a number on me...I laughed and I cried. I was happy, angry and sad. I stayed up till 4...

  • Just My Opinion

    I am a beta reader. This book was phenomenal and completely different than other romances. Absolutely incredible and well done....

  • Gator Girl

    ***********************SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS**************************************************This was too much soap opera drama for me. It read like a soap opera or a Lifetime Channel movie that...

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    4.0 Star Review – ninety eight Full Review - http://reneeentress.blogspot.com/2013...I recommend this book.I enjoyed this book by Shannon. This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, grief, and b...

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    Since I was the copy editor on Shannon Mayer‘s newest contemporary romance Ninety-Eight, I can’t exactly review it on Amazon, but I did on my website and can on Goodreads. The reason I’m doing t...

  • Jennifer

    This book is a story about a woman, her family issues and her belief that 100% love doesn't exist. Brielle has a distant and unloving mother, a cruel step father and a clueless fiancé. Brielle believ...