Ellora's Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis Volume II

Ellora's Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis Volume II Review

Allergic to Love By Anna J. Evans
Marcus Ashton is a werewolf searching for his one true mate. He's had his share of fantasies about the perfect woman, but none of them involved severe canine allergies or a colleague out to get him fired. Ella Bradley has had enough of controlling men and no amount of chemistry is going to change her mind, especially when she suspects the dangerously handsome Marcus of slipping libido-enhancing drugs into her cocoa. These two would-be lovers have less than twelve hours to clear up a major biological roadblock and a little human misunderstanding, or they may find themselves permanently allergic to love.

Blind Date By Elisa Adams
Ruthie Ryan has been unlucky in love. Her recent dates have all been complete disasters. There's only one man she's ever met who really gets her — but he's out of the question. He's her best friend.
Mike wants more than friendship with Ruthie, but she doesn't believe him. Sick of waiting for her to take him seriously, he sets up a night of pure romantic fantasy in the guise of a blind date. He knows what she wants and he plans to use the knowledge to his advantage. They belong together and he has one night to use every sensual weapon in his arsenal to prove it.

Eclipse By Denise A Agnew
New Orleans. Halloween. A blood red eclipse will cover this night…
Dawn went to the Den of Wolves, certain she could save her wayward sister from immortality. She knew only one man could help her—Niall Machaire. The man her sister had loved and left ten years ago.
Something isn't quite right about Niall, but she isn't certain what it is…
What is he?
Dawn feared the primal, unstoppable craving she experienced for the gorgeous man. When he saves her life, and she awakens naked in his bed, she discovers his help may cost an immortal price.

Genesis By B.J. McCall
The deadly Purge has passed. Dr. Tria Anara and four young women are all that is left of the Zyrai people. Without compatible male seed, the Zyrai race is doomed to extinction. The arrival of a ship from the Sarru system offers a chance for survival.
Five beautiful, willing females isn't what Captain Dax Rann and his all-male crew expected, but mission demands they provide aid and comfort. Despite the doctor's efforts to erase all memory of the erotic encounter, Dax's extraordinary dreams make the Zyrai beauty impossible to forget.

Sir Stephen's Fortune By Sahara Kelly
Stripped of his life through no fault of his own, Sir Stephen O'Mannion is lost — lost in the quiet countryside of rural England. He can see no future for himself, but thanks to a fortuneteller and a crystal ball, he sees something else — a woman in the throes of passion.
For Ileana Baxter, the chance to enjoy a night with a real man is more than she can resist. Sensual by nature, her needs are acute and this handsome guest seems ready to fulfill them. Perhaps Sir Stephen's fortune lies not in his journeys but in Ileana's arms…

Treasure Hunters By Sylvia Day
Mercenary/treasure hunter Rick Bronson is ready to hunt down his next treasure — erotic e-books hidden away when erotic romance was banned by the Conservative Censorship Committee. His first order of business is securing the help of literary antiquities expert Samantha Tremain. She's considered one of the foremost authorities on erotic literature in the galaxy, a veritable bounty of carnal knowledge that Rick intends to enjoy to the fullest. Now two people who couldn't be more different race across the galaxy on a daring quest for untold riches. Together, success is within their grasp…if they can just get past the hands-on research.

Title:Ellora's Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis Volume II
Edition Language:English

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  • Cindy

    Multi-author anthology. When you have six stories in a book less than 250 pages you don't have time for a lot of plot or character development. Several of these are vignettes than stories...from the p...

  • Deidre

    I picked these up looking to try some new to me authors / series to try out.So far I have read: Allergic to Love By Anna J. Evans 2 Stars In all fairness I know these are short stories with out a lot ...

  • Georgelys

    La historia mas corta que he leído en mi vida!!! ni mal ni bien! U.U Normal.. solo para pasar el tiempo!...

  • Nancy

    Wish that the library had moreof these anthologies....

  • Chanpreet

    There are 6 short stories in this anthology, about 40 pages each. They're each different, but they have one thing in common, they're hot! Some were hotter than others, but all were enjoyable. ...